Tom Beckbe

Classic Camo Gun Sleeve


"Our Classic Camo Gun Sleeve protects your firearm with a heavy-duty, 14oz waxed cotton canvas printed with our acclaimed Classic Camo. Inspired by vintage patterns proven in the field, our Classic Camo has an updated color palette for the hardwood bottoms and marshes we call home for three seasons each year. We padded our Classic Camo Gun Sleeve with a ¼” ethafoam and lined the interior with a water repellent nylon. A full-length zippered opening provides easy access to the interior for convenience, cleaning, and drying. Our Classic Camo Gun Sleeve also has a quick-access top flap with a 9-hook cinch. The reverse includes a D-ring for vertical storage. An adjustable webbed shoulder strap attaches to d-rings along the Gun Sleeve’s spine in regular and shortened configurations. Available in two different lengths: 48” exterior (fits a 47.5" gun), and 50” exterior (Fits a 49" gun)"

Product Details:

Heavy-duty, 14oz cotton canvas shell.

Adjustable webbed shoulder strap.

Full-length zipper along side.

Zippered utility pocket for storage.

9-hook cinch closure at top.

Field canvas shell: 60% nylon / 40% cotton.

48": doubles, over-unders, and other short to medium length shotguns. Fits a 47.5" gun.

50": automatics and longer shotguns. Fits a 49" gun.

Imported from the Caribbean.

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